About Quiet Pterodactyl

Quiet Pterodactyl creates experiences, education, enjoyment, and entry into arts and music.


One of our projects is the situationchicago record compilation, which brought together 25 bands/artists to raise funds to help 25 of Chicago’s independent music venues that are closed indefinitely as a result of the pandemic.

“First to close, last to open” is an accurate description of the state of live art and music performances, from small clubs to large theaters to large-scale music festivals. Surveys predict 90% of independent music venues will be forced to close permanently without substantial government assistance. This has an enormous impact on every aspect of the music and entertainment industries.

At Quiet Pterodactyl, we want to do everything we can to help these businesses and artists to make it thru this crisis, together. Every meal purchased and donation made will help us continue our mission to support Chicago’s music and arts communities.

Order Dinner, Save Chicago Music.

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